more than 200 million people visited Reddit to see the nude pics of celebs

"That immense traffic, however, already was waning when Reddit banned TheFappening. At its peak on September 1st, the site pulled in 141 million visitors in a day, according to numbers Menese accessed as a moderator of the subreddit. By September 2, it only attracted 45 million pageviews. By September 6, when Reddit finally pulled TheFappening from the site, the majority of the forum’s users visitors likely had moved on.

and a certain percentage paid to view more

and that paid for the servers of reddit - especially because they had an outage because of that traffic

there is now a debate about what they should do with that income ..... (pay the laywers of the celebrities maybe or if you think they have already too much money in a defense fund for lawyers of poorer girls)

but we are a curious species

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