New attack against ATM's gives gangs money without creditcards thanks to virus

When they get to the machine they insert a bootable CD with a virus (now this name but it can be whatever virus nowadays) 

than their friends go to the machine and type a specific number so that we the public can't profit from it (egoists :)) imagine a Robin Hood doing this .....  it would not be a run on the bank but on the ATM's 

Interpol has some new guidelines for the security of the ATM's 

"Kaspersky Lab recommends the following to banks in order to mitigate the risk:

  • Review the physical security of all ATMs and consider investing in quality security solutions.
  • Replace all locks and master keys on the upper hood of the ATM machines and ditch the defaults provided by the manufacturer.
  • Install an alarm and ensure it is in good working order. The cyber-criminals behind Tyupkin only infected ATMs that had no security alarm installed.
  • Change the default BIOS password.
  • Ensure the machines have up-to-date antivirus protection.

It means in effect that the network to which the ATM's are connected should be strictly secured and seperated and that every laptop connecting to it should also be strictly secured and that the physical security of the ATM's is one of the most important factors 

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