the problem with the article in De Morgen against the arrested jihadists

de Morgen published a long article today about the arrest jihadists in Brussels that were planning - according to some media reports - a bomb attack against the European institutions (and why does that surprise anyone ?)

the first problem is that some stupid person gave their journalist access to the files - long before any trial started and so this could be a problem even to have a trial - as information from the files is divulged in the press. So who-ever is responsable for these files should be reprimanded and the security of access to these files should be limited to the people involved

the trial has to take place in the courtroom, not in a newspaper - as long as there is no proof that there is a grave misconduct of justice here

the second problem is that the article is stating more or less that this arrested wasn't that important and that you could hardly call them terrorists or even dangerous but there are some details that are overlooked in the article that makes it very dangerous to make such a statement

* the man wanted to become a professional to install security-installation (with other words he would be installing the security that he eventually could disable later on)

* they were living in a classy neighborhood - far from the more extremist neighborhoods where agents are keeping a close watch on who is coming and going with a lot of money that was not accounted for

* he went to Syria and helped other people going to Syria

* he had guns

* he refuses to cooperate with the police investigation and refuses to give access to a specific part of his laptop (not to incrimate himself)

* he went on reconnaissance in the neighborhood of the European administrative buildings

so when you have already all that information you have two options, you wait because youi think you don't have enough and you have to organize enormous resources just to keep him 24h under surveillance to be sure that you aren't missing something and you can always intervene in time to prevent an attack

or you say that you have enough to hold him on lesser charges and you will see what will come out during the investigations or even better if one of the parties wants to collaborate but the main objective is to put them out of harm's way so that you can use all those resources in effective investigations and looking for other sleeper cells or local 'infrastructure' that only does some 'inoffensive' tasks like transport en accomodation

implicating now that the police services have nothing (maybe the journalist has not seen all the files and if he did than there is surely a big breach)

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