#ukraine after weeks of battles with Russians, #Ukraine sends a missile to stop their advance

the last weeks the new troops and trucks and tanks kept coming from the russian side and every day there were one to several attempts to take the Donetsk airport (which is really essential if the russianrebel region is going to survive (even as a gangster state for smugglers)). This is an international airport and not a local or regional airport as some think.

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so even if the defenders of the airport are called CYBORGS by the Russians because they are holding off so many attacks (although some groups of soldiers have surrendered the last days)

it looks like a film like Stalingrad or some survival movie (surrealistic)

But sending a message to the kremlin is sometimes necessary

there is no ceasefire, they never stopped firing, the big russian invasion and the real war was set for a later date, that is all and Ukraine has got some more time preparing for it if somebody is willing to help them

and if he ups the ante, Ukraine can also

your turn


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