most of the top100 malware writers are located in uncooperative Russia, interpol says

"There are only "around 100" cybercriminal kingpins behind global cybercrime, according to the head of Europol's Cybercrime Centre. Speaking to the BBC's Tech Tent radio show, Troels Oerting said that law enforcers needed to target the "rather limited group of good programmers"."We roughly know who they are. If we can take them out of the equation then the rest will fall down," he said.


Although, he added, fighting cybercrime remained an uphill battle. "This is not a static number, it will increase unfortunately," he said. "We can still cope but the criminals have more resources and they do not have obstacles. They are driven by greed and profit and they produce malware at a speed that we have difficulties catching up with."


The biggest issue facing cybercrime fighters at the moment was the fact that it was borderless, he told the BBC. "Criminals no longer come to our countries, they commit their crimes from a distance and because of this I cannot use the normal tools to catch them. "I have to work with countries I am not used to working with and that scares me a bit," he said


The majority of the cybercrime "kingpins" were located in the Russian-speaking world, he said.

* this is why blocking .ru and .su domain is so effective as first basic rule if you don't need any traffic from or to Russia

* secondly it shows that Interpol should play a more important role in the prosecution and arrestation of international cybercrime and that what is possible for other crimes should also be extended to the Cybercrime.

* thirdly it shows that if we do the same thing as with spam - target the biggest networks and the main financial backers and so on you can have an immediate enormous response

just as with terrorism is an international cooperation in all phases of the international prosecution the most effective way to hit directly at the central organizers of these networks

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