#ukraine #donetsk airport is like the battle in Aleppo and Stalingrad (holding on to bricks with little more than courage and a few weapons)

from inside the Donetsk airport that is being defended - and needs to be defended probably like this another week because there are rumours that Putin will sign a definitive ceasefire next week

these Ukranian soldiers have become real mythical heroes in Ukraine as 'Cyborgs' more because of the environment they are fighting in (like some sience fiction films) than because of their 'supersoldier' look - which is not the case, on first sight they should have at least 10 more tools and weapons )

 and these are the Russians around them, firing from the buildings around the central airport control tower, from time to time like a ballet (people who think war is a permanent thing watch too much television) - war is mostly a waiting in which the only important things are taking and holding on to positions, setting up a good strategy to attack (and hold your flanks and logistics while attacking those of the enemy) and than having your battle for some time after which it all begins anew

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