hacker of 9lives.be is the most stupid hacker ever (in my view) and Telenet has the wrong priorities

from De Morgen today

he doesn't know that the Belgian computercrime law is very though and that the FCCU has very wide powers and that he can be convicted to many years because he can't show that his original intent was to show that he only wanted to show that there were securityproblems and he never intended to get any money from this hack

Telenet and the FCCU should also put their priorities right because the first priority should be to get the data and if you have to negotiate with the hacker for that - than you should negotiate some deal to get the data back before he thinks that it all stinks and just dumps it or gets a deal he can't refuse.

I remember the rex mundi negotations I did for half a million belgians who lost their data from VOO and the first interest was getting the data safe and not online, all the rest was at that time secondary. After that it is up for the FCCU to decide what to do but you can't compare this hacker to Rex Mundi who has really launched campaign against our country and was a real bounty-hacker.

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