it seems as if #snowden is desperate for attention while he should better shut up

Now with a new film coming you shouldn't be surprised that superhero Snowden the symbol for his followers will be releasing new documents through his proxies (which we will examine as always) and will be making appearances from his safehome in superdemocracy Russia where the intelligence services are fully democratic and transparant and the democracy and libertyloving people are not fleeing to the West (or getting a second passport if they have the money for it so they can get out in time).

so today he declared that the English intelligence services have no transparent overview or whatever of democratic control (by the way they never had also because of their primordial role in the second world war which gave them an auro that the CIA or NSA never had and because of their close cooperation (or even integration) with the US intelligence services since the second world war (when they asked for US help because of the deep (and later proven) infiltration of their services even at the highest level by the KGB at the time of the coming of age of the Cold war and the dissolution of the antiNazi alliance shortly after the second world war).  It was this postwar intelligence crisis in the UK, Canada and Australia which became the basis of the Echelon cooperation which in fact is the basis of the worldwide intelligence operations by the NSA and their Echelon partners which became public in 2000 (because of an investigation in 2000 by the European Parliament which ended without any results after the attacks of 9-11-2001) but are now put on public stage by Snowden.

I would just like to say that less is more and that talking all the time about everything will let you say things that make no sense.

If you would like to lose all public influence like Wikileaks have done over the last 2 years, you just continue like that from your Putin Safehaven.

Even if your intelligence services have very few oversight (and they should have more to say the least) than they are not acting like the Russian and Chinese intelligence services which are an active part of the nearly total surveillance and suppression aparatus of the whole Spectrum of democratic opposition (supported by laws that could never be accepted here and were even at the height of 9-11 not even proposed in the US).

as much as I do not agree with some of the operations by our national intelligence operations and as much as I would like them to be more transparant and self-critical (to be able to escape from a tunnelvision in which operations and technical possibilities become more important than the democratic values and the oversight one should place first) - I do not accept this criticism coming from some-one hiding in the autocratic surveillance state of Putin

and as much as you may be right - by saying so from Putin country - you are making it harder for the democratic opposition in our countries (of which too many are still blindly following you waiting for every word you speak) to say exactly the same things

and what you also don't understand from your cocoon is that just as 9/11 killed the enchelon invasion, the enormous Financial and military-terroristic capabilities from ISIS and the Russian military exponentialism and slavic ideology is changing the Framework of this discussion totally

because if the western democracies (yep, up to some point) don't have access to enough intelligence about the terrorist threats and the military capabilities and intentions of the Russians, how are we going to defend ourselves or being sure that we have enough and the right kind of forces to do so ? And where will we get this kind of information and how can we be sure that his information is correct if it isn't checked with information from a number of other sources ?

in case, you didn't notice, nobody sensible in Europe is asking anymore for breaking the cooperation with the intelligence services in the US and Echelon (by extension), the points of debate here are more the following (and this is not bad)

* better protecting our own infrastructure, data and leaders against foreign surveillance whoever it may be

* a better oversight of our own intelligence agencies and how they cooperate with other services without putting these in danger if the cooperation is essential for our national security

* having a new and more transparant Framework in which intelligence agencies set up operations in each other countries or against targets of each other countries

The advantage of these three action points is that they are crisis-resistant so that if a new major terrorist attack happens or more military incidents at Europe's eastern border with Russia occur we can still have a democratic and somewhat transparant Framework in which the intelligence agencies can continue to function (even in extra-ordinary times) and work together

by the way, Snowden between all your words the last week you didn't explain one minute where are all the missing very important operational documents that also went missing

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