the hack of shows how important datadestruction is

this is something that firms don't want to do ever

destroy the data from people who didn't log in the last year

or destroy the data from people that just ask for it because they prefer you do that

or to publish what to do if you are family of the person and the person is dead and you want to keep a copy, mention that he or she is dead or destroy the data because it has no sense anymore

destroying data over time will make many databreaches much smaller and less important

at the other side it will make the job of the identifythieves easier because the dead wood is no longer in the database but these professional datathieves have enough other tools to clean their datasets - if it was only because those datasets are only worth some real money if they are cleaned wihich makes the datacleaning worthwhile

DESTROY that data

No logins for a year and just block the account or just destroy it

and imagine how much less data you would have to backup, keep running on your servers, protect and transfer

after the right to forget the duty to forget

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