what should people do who used 9lives.be and lost their data now ?

First nor Telenet nor the FCCU has your data, it is still in the hands of the hacker and I am not sure that Telenet and the hacker will find an agreement and that he will be able to show the necessary forensic proof that he didn't copy or forward the data (and if he is a hacker how can he give sufficient proof that would be trustworthy)

Secondly there is enough information of neglect on basis of which you could go to the Privacycommission and file an complaint so that there will be an investigation and at Telenet they will have the visit of some-one of the privacycommission who will go through every other private information they have and the security of the other databases they keep. This will probably oblige them to do the necessary investments and personnel changes.

A complaint with Telenet for negligence with the privacycommission will also give the privacycommission the means to go to court for damages.

Third you should change all your passwords that are the same or that sound like the one you have lost. Your emailaddress may be attacked also with spam and viruses.


  • There is already a new forum at http://8lives.be

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