hacked 9lives.be if this a sensible breach notification, than this is a makebelieve operation

from the new forum http://naajn.be/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2&start=150

well there were 100.000 members according to some resources but some say that they never got any notification

if this would have been a serious hacker, the dataset would have been already sold and the data would already been in use, or added to some other datasets to make profiles of people (future victims)

but according to this post the notification was only sent to the people who were subscribed to their mailing list, not everybody who was impacted and for which they had an emailaddress

if this is so, than there may be problem with the breach notification because the breach notification according to the Belgian Privacycommission has to be done to everybody that is impacted within 48 hours (that is 100.000 people if the rumours are right)

if it was only sent to the people subscribed to the mailinglist (and in the absence of much other information from the serviceprovider) one can doubt that they have done exactly what had to be done

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