privacycommission starts an investigation into the databreach of 9lives.be (and how to complain)

It is confirmed that the Belgian privacycommission has opened an investigation into the databreach of 9lives.be

hardly impossible not to do this

and the second thing is

it is confirmed that if you want to file a complaint (and we would say that this may have some impact as it will convince the Privacycommission that more action is needed and that this kind of thing may not happen again in this way if we are talking about such important social gateways on the web)

you simply have to send an email to the privacycommission  commission@privacycommission.be 

with the subject 


Klacht hacking 9lives.be

met je contactgegevens en dat je lid was van en dat je wilt dat de privacycommissie onderzoekt waarom je persoons- gegevens en het forum niet beter waren beveiligd


each drop is important because together we can make waves....

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