wow the 12th of november this blog will have been alive for 7 years

7 years

more than 90000 posts

more than 1.2 million visitors

and no commercial crap 

the only source in town about things nobody wants to talk about in Belgium

twice in Parliament

working with, cert, fccu and now the Privacycommission to keep data safer in Belgium

with  EKZ.SKYNETBLOGS.BE before that started in 2004 we will have 10 years  (together more than 2 million visitors, thousands more posts,.......)

and there were naturally the blogs that don't exist anymore but had some sense and use at the time like, and so on or blogs that aren't maintained anymore like (insecure infrastructure in Belgium), (that arrived in my mailbox) and off course

if anyone has any ideas let them come (but don't start hacking it is illegal :))

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