if you know something that is insecure in Belgium, that is what you can do

* you can contact the CERT at cert.be

   you send them the information and you get a number for your case. If it is really important they will contact you but they are understaffed and there is much more work than they handle and every day they have to prioritize.

* if your information is really highlevel and the information is really important and you think that nobody will listen, you can always contact me. I will use different contacts with contacts to get into contact so that there are enough levels of trust between the information (from you) and the person who has received the information.

belsec has done this kind of operation in the past - several times (the EID leak for example) and recently 

Not all information is published, some is never published and for the moment we are working on a case like this in which it is highly probably that if it gets resolved it will never be published - or the name will not be mentioned (and as always it is just a case of stupidity)

We adapt our strategy to the information we get - some goes public immediately, some never - and it always follows different ways - as long as it gets solved (for now)

but I myself I never hack - let that be clear

and in some cases it may not be me that will be downloading the information you are sending because I am a Belgian and the Belgian computercrimelaw is too strict

I only handle Belgian things and I prefer things that are also hosted in Belgium or under the .be domainextension because in this case there is no question that it will fall under the Belgian law

but just remember that these things can take time, especially if you want to keep out of the press, the courts, the police and you want to keep from being identified yourself

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