European Right to forget in Google is used by spies to push information about them deep down

this is one example 

but there are thousands of them 

now the number of results doesn't really differ so it is not clear what was removed

so either you go to bing or to or but when you are doing some serious research, you can't use Google with an European domainextension because you will miss something out

maybe there is a tool to compare all the results of the two researches to find the differences

the differences between the two search terms would be very interesting (and it would make the decision to have only a right to forget in Europe as stupid as it was - even if for 70% of the searches in Europe it works because Google automatically tries to send you to their national portal and not their international one (you have to set in default to be sure that you aren't redirected).

The next move from the defenders of the right to forget is that anyone with an European IP address will automatically always see only the results of the European versions of the searchengine

that will be the day we can leave Google behind and go to Bing or any other searchengine who doesn't want to comply and still indexes the web - or a specialised search engine that only looks for the things that are deleted in Google. If you count the right to forget together with the millions of links to copyrighted files you have millions of links and so a very attractive database for a very large public (because those copyrighted files are still there and that is the only reason why they are retired from Google because for the firms it is the fastest way to limit access to these files) 

rught to forget.PNG

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