will Belgium become a legal host for 14+ sexporn online ?

Today sex between kids under 16 or in which one of both is younger than 16 is illegal. Not that this law is enforced in a very strict way but it is something useful to have if the police is facing childporn in which the age of the kids i what they call in porn sites 'barely legal'.

Now the government has decided that it will discuss the possibility of lowering the age to 14 years.

They should make one difference. It would be 14 years if it is 'PRIVATE' sex between two consulting people and even better with the consent of the parents.

If one should only lower the age, than the risk exists that it will be legal in Belgium (but for the whole world to see) to post porn with 14 years old for which exists a certain public.

We have still a long way to go in this discussion but one should add in this internetdriven world that it is about private non-commercial sex. (and that it is not private even when one has to fill in a password, be invited or whatever scam around this)

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