anabox hyped up new anonimizing router is a scam

it is now the time for many scammers to start with crowdfunded proposals that are in fact just a ripp-off but if they get hyped up by journalists not doing their work although they have the necessary resources or contacts than this can turn into a big mess

maybe these crowdfunding firms should invest a bit of their margins into testing all those propositions before presenting whatever investment before the public - just as a bank has to review a company before taking its proposals online for the nonsuspecting public

from source

  • They are intentionally misleading the public (LYING) about the device being fully open source, while it’s not. Hardware, the most important part of the device, is not open source. It’s a Chinese knockoff of TP-Link “3G routers” which opens the possibilities for a hardware backdoors in the hardware (think of Huawei backdoors). The reason why they did so is simple, nobody would buy the device in such numbers. Everyone would just build their own device.
  • Their Tor package is actually The Grugq’s Portal (linked in edit above).
  • OpenWRT is so BADLY configured by Anonabox team that device that is supposed to protect you is actually giving away your information. The device has BACKDOOR root password, OPEN wireless network (so anyone can connect to it) and is shipped with SSHD!!! This means that anyone can take control of the device!

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