targeted malvertising : from take-one who comes to get only the ones you want

"Invincea researchers said that in the last two weeks of September they had detected up to six malvertising attacks that targeted one aerospace contractor and saw similar attacks against two other military contractors. What is clear is that perpetrators are turning to the demographic targeting tools available to any online marketer, taking advantage of real-time advertising bidding networks, which work like stock exchanges for marketers, to place malware-laced ads that target specific organizations or audiences

well the military complex is however a target anyhow anyway anytime and if malvertising is the best backdoor to slip through the defenses and to reach the readers of the websites inside the networks or even with the best individual defenses on their computers, than they will use malvertising

the advantage of malvertising is that you can use marketing in a reverse way, not to include as many people you want but to exclude as many people you don't want

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