why they will never find who was the commander of the Bende Van Nijvel

* Nobody can speak in Belgium without getting convicted, you can't make a deal here and even if this was the case, Belgium will need to have some partner countries where you could start a new live because belgium is too small to have people live a totally new live without being discovered at some moment in time. 

* as it was clear during the documentary of the RTBF and said time after time again, it is too dangerous to speak because you will be killed, this is what the participants said. If this was the message the gangsters were sending to the world and the people who knew them with their bloodbath it was really efficient. 

* There are at least a million of files of which not all are digitalized (some say that a about a third is) which means that you can't use the computer and the programs to analyze everything that is in the files to look at the 'big data' to get some anomalies out of them or contradictions 

* As it was said during the documentary, the proof has been re-opened and re-used so many times that it is not secure enough anymore to stand up in a court of law. 

* As it was clear in the documentary different factions within the judiciary and within the police departments have different opinions about which way the investigation should go which makes it difficult to make your case in court. 

* Many people have died or have lost memory and it is not clear what is corrrect and what has been deformed, maybe by reading too many articles and books. 

* WNP was initiated by something but nobody had any idea what is was and there seem to be enough layers between the decision-makers and the operatives. So no operative knows enough to have any idea who he may be.  Maybe they should look at it as a spy operation. 


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