this is the #hongkong camping for the long battle

this will not be over in a week or two

the students will not storm the buildings and invite the chinese army to come and crush them down and the chinese army will only come if they think they will lose otherwise hongkong and have a terrible example for them for other cities and regions how to get from under the centralist dictatorship

the leadership in Hong Kong and China will not storm the camps because they have seen that even when they started to use some limited violence it only inflated enormously the number of protestors and the intensity of the protests and unless other protests now these protests can't be crushed while the whole world is watching

both are planning and playing for the long term

overday the camps of the protestors are mostly empty and most people join the permanent watchers when they have worked, taken a shower and eaten something (there is nothing more interesting on tv than to go out and discuss with your peers and stand together for democracy and freedom (while you still have that freedom)

and so we will see every so many days initiatives, proposals and actions from one side or the other while we will never be sure if this is now the endgame

and this is the same quarter by night, after working hours

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