drones are forbidden to fly over specific places in France

but recently several drones where seen flying over the nuclear sites in France. They could not hit or destroy the nuclear reactors themselves but the best they can do is to hit to cooling places which would leave radioactive material into the air

"French law prohibits individuals from operating drones in crowded areas, near airports, and near sensitive sites like military bases or nuclear plants, said Eric Heraud, spokesman for France's civil aviation authority.


Authorities will open legal cases for every suspected violation and those convicted could face fines of up to 75,000 euros ($94,000) and a year in prison, said the prime minister's general secretariat for defense and national security, known as SGDSN.


"The objective apparently sought by this type of organized provocation is to disrupt the chain of surveillance and protection at these sites," it said.


Other officials were increasingly quiet about France's response to the incidents. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on French radio last week that authorities had ways to "neutralize" drones, but didn't elaborate. On Monday, he told RTL "the best way to be effective in this area is not to say what we're doing."

I am not sure Belgium has such a law prohibiting drones

we even don't have a law - as far as I know - prohibiting taking pictures of certain places (as in GB)

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