the story of 4 carders who found a jail in the US instead of love and sex

"One particularly interesting case of how a carder was apprehended involved a law enforcement professional who was working undercover in the carding world. The female agent befriended a carder and over time developed a relationship. As the relationship matured, the female agent convinced the carder to come to Las Vegas to marry her.


Once the carder arrived in the United States, he was apprehended. However, that wasn't the end of the story. The agent took her carder "fiancé" to various locations in Las Vegas and took pictures of both of them at various landmarks, and later posted the photos on social media. The agent then invited the carder's friends to come to the wedding in Las Vegas. In total, Lenik said, four people were arrested after traveling to Las Vegas for the wedding

the cyberworld is no different from undercover- and spy-operations even if it is against the criminals

now that all over the world policeservices are getting more power to use online the same techniques they use in the real world, you will end up asking yourself each time you try to do something illegal if that ain't a cop or intelligence officier at the other side of the conversation

and being tricked to travel to the states is one that has been used several times and it is surprising that it still works 

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