those who thought that Russia had no end-game and that the game in #ukraine was over, it only started (again)

Yep the Ukrainans have their elections and the results have been accepted by Moscow 

Yep there is something of a cease-fire but that will be ended soon as the Russianheld territories need Mariupol and the airport to have something of a real region - even if they don't have the whole regions

Yep there are no great movements of Russian military but every day new Russian tanks and soldiers are crossing the border - under the radar of the international news organisations (100 tanks is a better title than 10 russian tanks cross the border)

and now, we are back at where it all started - a referendum in the two seperatist russian occupied regions (that is why it is a pity the Ukranian army didn't push into Donetsk when it should) 

yep a referendum in a region in which everybody who is opposed to the occupation is send to cellars they don't come out of again 

yep a referendum where there are no other parties or press than those of the occupiers

yep a referendum that will be as legitimate as the one in the Crimea 

so all those believers that you had an agreement with Putin, that Peace was on your way,

you are chamberlain after all (but we knew that from the beginning)

meanwhile if you are into (cyber)security prepare for the possbility of a new cold war or local wars and skirmishes and troop buildups and incidents and all the rest (the possbility that this will happen has just increased with 1000 percent)

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