life in the Russian troll factory about #ukraine

"W: We worked 12-hour shifts for two days with two days off. A blogger’s quota is 10 posts a day, 750 characters each, a commenter has to write 126 comments and two posts. A blogger has three accounts to manage. You have to distribute the 10 assignments between them. An assignment consists of a talking point, most often news, and a conclusion you should reach. So you have to fit the solution to the answer. Roughly, you write that you’ve baked tasty pies which means that life in Russia is great and Putin is a good guy. Visit Russia Today’s website – all our assignments are ther

but bloggers and twitters and others should take care about one other thing that is in the interview

they had also to stirr up things under posts with which they didn't agree and get the poster or blogger to react and to keep him busy or react stupidly

just ignore them

that costs them money and spares you time

they are paid in cash (and 200 dollars a month which seems to be good money in Russia)

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