will Hung(a)ry become a playmate of Putin in the desemberement of #ukraine

who said that the game was over, doesn't know Putin

Putin is a KGB men inside out

the KGB is known to have patience - enormously much patience - they believe that over time everything will fall into place and they just have to adjust a little her and a little there (and sometimes crush some protests violently but after that they can go back to the normal daily repression)

So during the first offensive a week ago - and in 2008 - Putin tried to get the Hungarians involved and that didn't work at those times. Who knows now because he is developing a new more subtle strategy.

We are entering very dangerous times and pressure is mounting and nobody has really noticied.

"At present, and to lay the groundwork for further action, Segodnya says, Moscow should be actively supporting Rusin culture and language, providing humanitarian assistance targeted at the Rusins, promoting stories about them in Russian media and especially channels directed at foreign countries, and bringing pressure to bear on Kyiv to create a Rusin autonomy by raising this issue with Ukrainian officials and in talks with the leaders of other countries. “In the Rusin question,” the article insists, “Russia must not compete with Hungary. It will be more constructive to set up a common humanitarian strategy and a common cultural discourse about Trans-Carpathia.” Hungary will take the lead in public; Russia need “only send humanitarian impulses signaling the readiness of Russia to support the protection of Rusin culture and make it an object of serious research.”

It appears increasingly likely that Russia will use Hungary as a cover to destabilize the situation in western Ukraine in the coming weeks, escaping blame or even attention until it may be too late, as was the case in Crimea. Consequently, even hints like these need to be tracked with care.

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