you fight for a cause, a country, a government you believe it if you have to die for it in #Iraq

"Eaton said advisors can help the Iraqi military with strategy, tactics and intelligence. But without competent ground forces, he said, U.S. and coalition airstrikes will have minimal effect because they cannot teach the "moral component" to fight and die for a common cause.



"Until the Iraqi soldier in his eyes is a legitimate actor for a legitimate government, we are not going to have any hope of success," Eaton said. "You can't train them to believe in a constitution and a government."

So as long as Iraq has no coalition government in which all the different parts of the population recognize themselves and accept this as the democratic representation of their society it will be very hard to make those thousands of soldiers fight as if their lives depend of it. They will run for their lifes and try to save their families, not fight untill they can die. And if a soldier doesn't fight without fear, he is not really fighting even if dying on the battlefield is a stupid strategy as all those experienced soldiers have to be replaced by new soldiers off which more than a third will die in the first months.

But hey while we are throwing a few bombs now and than we will start a big new campaign.... in the spring

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