Russia today shows the Anonymous miniprotests Live and ends with this 'shit'

says it all

no seriously guys, Vendetta and Guy Fawkes and Russia Today don't go together at all

and smoking pot in full face on youtube is not the wisest thing to do either

and such minimanifestations don't change a thing

this is not the power of Anonymous or it even shows the limitations of the power of Anonymous

even if it makes for nice headlines and pics and some scuffles which are a bit like a preprogrammed piece of street theatre

and Russia Today it tries to show that in the west the youth is protesting against the big corporations in the west (as long it is not against the big Russian corporations) and against the institutions (as long as it is not for more democracy in Russia) and our police (because in Russia police respect some manifestations, don't they)

do something useful, change the world but for that you have to work and not run around with a mask and smoke pot - if you want to change the world, you have to work to do that, it doesn't happen like that out of nothing because you are just hanging around with max a few hundred kids

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