27 Torservers with around 400 illegal tradingplaces were downed

this seems to be more or less the case in the first big international action coordinated between the FBI and Europol

it is in fact a cleanup only because the Torcommunity itself couldn't and wouldn't do it while Tor in the first place has nothing to do with dealing drugs and guns but with giving protection for those who are risking their lives because they are dissidents

Now, you will ask yourself, how it is possible that TOR servers are being wrapped up like that ?

First that is not that difficult for three different reasons

* many of these servers are placed in european countries and the US because of the speed of those servers 

* some of these operators are just doing stupid things like using webmail addresses that you can trace and which are also based in european or american countries

* those servers themselves aren't always that secure because in one of the guides to set up an anonymous TOR servers it is written that you shouldn't have any microsoft update, antivirus and stuff like that because you can be identified by such (this makes it quite easy to hack you in fact once there is somewhere a trace)

as long as they are only getting to pedophiles and drugdealers I really don't care

but they still have a long way to go

 we are upgrading and checking our tor list you find

this is not a list to illegal services by the way

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