Belgium is an official client of Finfisher

Finfisher has developed technology to intercept and follow mobile phones

on the leaked lists were Belgian contacts

the minister of Justice said that his services (FCCU probably) was an official client

they have already spent some 1 million for such hardware and software and recently this was 18K Euro

Van Hecke wilde in de bevoegde Kamercommissie van Minister Geens te weten komen hoe de vork precies aan de steel zit. De CD&V'er antwoordde dat de FOD Justitie op 26 augustus en 21 oktober van dit jaar telkens 18.181,81 euro heeft betaald aan het bedrijf.

the only real question is in how far the judicial overview of the use of this kind of technology is sufficiently and that no innocent bypassers are also 'intercepted'

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