this is not one attack against #TOR but an operation that will use any tactic available

when you see a spur of research by military and other security researchers being published about how to break TOR and more specifically its anonimization than you know something is getting attention

phase 1 : how would you do it

when you see that experiments are being conducted on an enormous scale to try to test an attack to break the anonimization you know that they are effectively testing the things they were theoretically thinking about

phase 2 : let's test it and see what info we can get (and if we get discovered)

when you see that all kinds of honeypot-relays and servers and websites are being set up, than you know that something is being prepared

phase 3 : it worked well enough, so let's prepare it so that when we start the groundwork is already in place

and than you have strange attacks happening all over TOR network

and these attacks have to be put into combination with other stories thinking that there were DDOS attacks that would have obliged the servers to disconnect from the real TOR relays that are trusted to those that were set up by the police services (because they will be looking for the TOR relays that would be available)

there are also all kinds of attacks against the insecure and badlycoded Bitcoin (which are not that Anonymous they want you to believe)

and as the TOR community itself said, it is not because your website is on TOR that you don't have to secure your website

and another rule that even Lulzsec learnt, if you are on the anonymous side, you never use anything from the other side. Each time you cross, you run a risk and you should prepare your crossings into the real world with all these great and small risks in mind.

By the way out TOR guide is still available and most of these normal sites are still up (see at your right)

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