#ukraine disband the #OSCE mission NOW and send new investigators

The OSCE is playing with his credibility in a region where there will be a high need in the future for a mutually respected and trusted institution to inspect peace agreements and make both parties to respect them

the OSCE can't play this role anymore in Ukraine and the people of the OSCE mission in Ukraine have lost all their credibility with one of the parties to be able to pursue their mission as if nothing happened

* they have published reports which are pure propaganda for the Russians and are only based upon Russian versions and in the presende of Russian armed military (which make an objective analysis impossible). They have refused to consider any information or proof coming from the Ukranian side.

* they have been seen to play taxi in their cars for armed russians

* they have been refusing to go and monitor situations at the demand of the Ukranian side

* they have stopped the monitoring of the enormously important border with drones because they were jammed by the Russians and they didn't protest loudly enough to the international community about this sabotage

and so one could go on

the result is that the Ukranians on the ground don't trust the OSCE mission, don't want to work with them and don't treat or see them as neutral (and some even think that they are just Russian spy missions - which is a normal paranoia in war times if the neutrality is not self evident).

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