#ukraine we are now living on the edge of military incidents with Russia anytime anywhere

this is the risk that Putin is making with letting his nuclear and military planes, submarines and ships test our defenses all over the world and holding exercises that are so risky that they can spill over in military incidents and conflicts anytime

maybe it is to make it even more clear to the rest of the world that he is really unpredictable as he tries to use this 'advantage' (our fear of his total unpredictability, doing nothing of what a normal responsable leader of a big 'empire' with nuclear weapons enough to blast the whole earth 100 times to pieces is supposed to do and doing always the opposite (ignoring the crashdown of his economy) and bordering on the totally stupid (not respecting a more than honourable temporary peace in Ukraine that the West has pushed down the throat of the Ukranians)

these are our three moments on the edge for now

"mid-air collision with passenger plane On 3 March this year, an SAS passenger plane taking off from Copenhagen with 132 passengers bound for Rome had a close encounter with a Russian reconnaissance plane which did not transmit its position. A collision was only avoided because of good visibility and the alertness of the SAS pilots, according to the report. The incident, which happened 50 miles south-east of Malmo, in Sweden, was before the shooting down of the MH17 passenger plane over Ukraine. Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists were blamed for the July missile attack.

Simulated cruise missile attacks on North America In early September this year, Russian strategic bombers in the Labrador Sea near Canada practised cruise missile strikes. The Russian aircraft stayed out of Canada’s airspace but it was still a provocative move in light of the Nato summit at the time, according to the report. Cruise missiles launched from the Labrador Sea would have Ottawa, New York, Washington, Chicago and America’s Norfolk naval base in range.

Black Sea encounter On 7 September, the Canadian frigate Toronto was buzzed by a Russian aircraft in the Black Sea with the plane coming within 300 metres. The Toronto locked its radar on the Russian plane but took no further action as the Russian plane was not armed. The incident coincided with larger Russian larger naval combat training activities near Sevastopol. “Such aggressive behaviour, if repeated by an armed aircraft, could have resulted in the ship commander targeting the aircraft in an act of self-defence,” the report says.

meanwhile the communicationlinks between NATO and Russia are becoming every month even more limited as one or both sides are cutting them (and Putin didn't take the phone when Obama or Merkel wanted to reach him when there was a real crisis in the Ukraine and they were having more than enough of this kind of behaviour)

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