Obama asks wife of Chinese leader to give the information about his postmen back

Obama to the wife of the Chinese leader "I know it was not one of our postmen you had an affair with when you visited the states lately, so please ask your husband to stop hacking us to find out who it was and give back the information about our postmen"

her husband saying to Putin

I did as you have said, I have taken all that data about all their postmen and I will find the man who was according to his workfiles at our holiday resort while I was in conference - she thinks I can't proof it but I will

Putin is saying nothing because he already knows who it is, he has it all on film made by his spies and said he wanted to sell it to the Chinese leader but he thought that the price was too high and for that price he could try to find it for himself whatever the means

Obama is telling the Chinese wife that he knows the KGB knows because the CIA was filming the KGB filming the Chinese and he knows that even the Chinese know that the CIA knows that the KBG knows because they were filming the KGB and the CIA (but they forgot to film the Chinese wife so they don't know who she met during one hour while her husband was away). The problem is that Obama is under wife and daughter surveillance all the time and Putin is having athletic erotic exercises with his new lover every day so he has hardly any energy left afterwards. So they don't have any dirty stuff yet to blackmail back - even an operation on the computers of the White House just before this meeting didn't turn up anything that could be used.

the other guest in the row doesn't know how not to start laughing out loud (LOL)

"All United States Postal Service (USPS) employees’ personal data—including names, addresses, social security numbers—has been exposed as the result of a hack believed to have originated from China. According to its own tally, USPS employs over 600,000 people.


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