it is not the number of Russian incursions but their strategy that is in fact worrying western military

""What is significant is that across history, most of these incursions have been very small groups of airplanes, sometimes singletons or at most two aircraft," the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, said at a Pentagon briefing.


"What you saw this past week was a larger, more complex formation of aircraft carrying out a little deeper, and I would say a little bit more provocative, flight path.

Every action needs a response and was the response to the first incursions with single aircraft, submarines and boats a bit annoyed, this one got the attention of the highest military planners and eventually our political leaders.

What in fact does he want to say ? 

I will and I can attack you at any time before you can respond ? I am a big nuclear power ? You are just so frightened that you don't know what to do when I decide to become very angry with you ? 

And this from the US to Europe at every existing border in the air or on the sea. 

never before in history have Russian military aircraft taken so many risks in so little time against so many possible targets in such a manner

just needs a small misunderstanding or a defender who is too nervous or not listening anymore to his commanders and wants to show them a lesson ..... to be starging off something 

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