#ukraine why Kharkiv is a better target than Mariupol in this offensive

Several terrorist and subversive groups and cells have already been arrested in the city by the Intelligence Service from Ukraine. 

But there is more that story it seems 

"The so-called Novorossia project has foundered in recent months, and could be strengthened if the separatists were able to get control of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.


Lozowy notes that the city has "symbolic significance," as well as being a major industrial center.


In December 1917, Kharkiv was the first Ukrainian city to recognize the Bolshevik coup in Russia, and the city served as Ukraine's capital until 1935. Ukraine's largest tank producer is located in the region, among many other military-industrial enterprises.


"Undoubtedly, Kharkiv, which has remained on the whole indifferent to calls to join 'Novorossia,' really upsets certain circles both in Moscow and in the LNR and DNR," Russian military analyst Aleksandr Golts told openrussia.org on November 10.


There is Mariupol but that may seem to be an enormously difficult target and maybe they just will pass it and go on the Crimea to take it on afterwards when it is isolated by land and sea. 

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