a datapack of half a million Belgian and french personal data has been shortly online

we don't have more information for the moment but it seems that a number of passwords to emailaddresses or logins which use an emailaddress as identifier have been hacked and that that site uses also paypal and vista

the other seems on the first site to be a hacked (sql injection probably) french or Belgian database which has lost all its customers or contactsdata

if some-one has more info, please free feel to contact me - even if it is only the name of the sites that have been emptied so we can warn the necessary instances to get them offline because if you can hack them anybody can (with some tools and some minimal guidelines)

so for one day that I don't do the normal checks in pastebin because of some heavy offline shit happening that needed my attention, I miss this one and it goes under the carpet (because nobody will inform you that your website was hacked and your personal data were leaked). I doubt that even the privacycommission is informed. If I were the persons mentioned in these lines I would write to the Privacycommission to ask to investigate. They can than ask the authorities to ask pastebin where the information came from and what it was and so on.... based on that information they can than go to the site that was a victim and in most cases even doesn't know that something happened.

the only bunchpacket of belgian data that big is the hack of VOO and normally Rex Mundi will have had an agreement about that and so that data shouldn't be in the open except if Rex Munid has resold it or some of his friends have decided to put it online anyway .....

but it is maybe just another victim of the new stupid ideology of Big data (without investing the big costs for security because it is all about limiting costs, not increasing efficiency (which is more expensive)

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