probably major Belgian social secretariat is hacked and data was leaked on the internet

why do we know that now

as the paste is done we have typed the emailaddress in pastebin and than we found another bit of information  and there we see that it is about a person that is sick and has prolonged his period of leave

so which firm does the social secretariat for Thomascooktravelshop in Belgium ?

you shouldn't be surprised about this because one of our backoffice operations that were not published because of the sensitivity was about a social secretariat that had all her files open to the public internet and that we had closed down after that we contacted the responsable authorities in Belgium with that information

if this is confirmed this is huge

because in that database will and can be so much personal, financial and medical information that this is enormous

and it is not because it is not anymore on pastebin that it is not somewhere on the server of somebody or sold or traded or exposed elsewhere - we go hunting now

any more information, mail me

just a reminder : these are logical assumptions that haven't been proven yet but based upon the information before us, this seems to be the best logical explanation

and more from pastebin search



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