Mensura knew it was fucked, so it wanted to pay but.....

well the result is that the data of tens of thousands of belgian workers has been for some time online and has been downloaded

as far as we have found out it was data about the sickleave of people that was placed online, but if you look at the form of mensura about the controls of medical leave there are enough data in it that will fall under medical privacy

now there is a lot more data at Mensura and it is not clear yet which data has been leaked or breached and which not and so it is now up for Mensura to come clean on that not only with its clients but also with all the people for which it has data

even I am in that database - so don't think I will let you get off that easy :(

it may be necessary that people change their passwords and logins, that other people get compensated because some data has become semi-public (underground) and that other information or IDcards have to be changed

if you think that you are finished with some technical upgrades on sunday, than you don't know what happened

I passed a personal formal complaint with the privacycommission (easy just send them an email at and I won't accept an answer that says nothing

if there are parties that want to go to court because of negligence, let me know I am interested

btw this isn't the first one, the other social secretariat with open database we solved in backoffice was about 200.000 belgians

it is time to act

and that time is NOW

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