rex mundi hacks and leaks databases from and they have a lot of data

is your firm or organisation linked to

well, than you can suppose that all that data is compromised except if an independent external consultant can show you without question that this is NOT the case (this is the only rule that you as a victim - client) can expect. If you don't do this, than you are not doing enough during your contact with the serviceprovider you have chosen to protect the data and the integrity of your workers and you could also be held responsable for not doing enough after the incident and leak to protect the data of your workers

I said that first you have to see a full incident report - not by the firm itself and not by the firms working for that firm but by your representatives and their estimation of the damage and the risks and the steps that have to be taken

they are trying to fix the problems without tellling you that they have been hacked and leaked

looking at the data we have to look at the different forms to have an idea which database could have been downloaded


this is the form for new clients

nice for a targeted attack campaign with some ATP 

and for the payment of your allocations for children you have to give up your RRN number as an identifier, something that is in fact FORBIDDEN by the privacycommission in Belgium

and than there is a lot of medical information online

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