the #MH17 was not shot down by an Ukranian jet, copy-paste journalists in the west

this is another example of how propaganda is made today and distributed through social media to be picked up by some international press bureau who than is responsable that is copy-pasted all over the world by journalists refering to the international press bureau referring to the propaganda and not being able to retract it afterwards or not in the same fashion

what is the goal - just to make some smokescreens and to make it seem to people that this is still an undecided case and that it is not sure that it were the Russian forces in Ukraine - even if all the evidence is showing this without doubt


this article is longer than here and shows very clearly how propoganda is made today and how it is quite easy today to doublecheck and to discover forgeries if one makes an effort - but to that press agencies do need to have investigate journalists or factchecking researchers who have nothing else to do and can be freed to do this - even under stress because the press agency doesn't want to lose this exclusive to others

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