Nobody is responsable in Belgium for online creditcompanies like the hacked

the hack and leak of is important because it is another example of something that I have been running around for the last year but to no avail

when rex mundi hacked some online creditcompanies  - including some big ones I asked the national bank who has some stringent itsecurityrules on paper and a very small department to go through them with the banks (but hey it is better than nothing) why these - even big - online creditcompanies didn't have to respect the same basic rules Banks have to respond to (encryption for example in this case)

well, it seemed that the national bank of belgium was not responsable because when they made a list of the financial institutions for which the national bank of belgium was responsable, the firms that were only online were explicitly excluded from the supervision of the national bank (not only itsecurity but also to have enough money and other normal financial rules for normal financial institutions) 

but they said, well, maybe the Minister of Economy can be hold responsable if he wants to act as the protector of consumer rights, so I went to the cabinet and the Administration of the Economy - consumer affairs and there we had some discussions but it seemed that their legal advisors didn't really find something they could use immediately and without discussion because there was no law or rule that gave them that power and they would have to try it using some interpretations of some global powers but that was a bit too risky

so there it went

nobody in Belgium is responsable for any online credit or loancompany or insurancecompany if it doesn't exist online or has set up a seperate online affliate

now one of the biggest is hacked - after another big one last year and NOBODY is RESPONSABLE

because everybody is explicitly excluded (National Bank of Belgium) or not explicitly appointed (Minister for Consumer Affairs)

the only thing that can happen is that the Privacycommission takes up this case

the site itself doesn't inform its users that it has been hacked and there is also no mention of any upgrading or technical maintenance over the weekend

they probably think that as long as the normal big media doesn't report it, that nothing has happened

except for this small litle stupid blogger over here ......

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