world of warcraft servers under typical heavy DDOS attack (are you reaady)

DDOS attacks today are so enormous that if you don't have contracts with your hoster and your ISP to displace your servers, a communication strategy and the essential appliances or contracts with the ISP's to stop (part of those attacks) you will just be overwhelmed and dead in the water

and yes you can say that these DDOS attacks are nowadays 1 GBPS instead of the 20 or 100 MBPS they were before (and what could be handled)

but now DDOS attacks need a clear strategy - before they take place

and to show the importance is that after the DDOS attack the login process of the WOW servers was a mess and needed an enormous lot of work from the firm and its serviceproviders increasing another time the already enormous cost of stopping this

the only way to stop this is an international anti DDOS war room that can contact all the major routers and hosts once those attacks are under way and coordinate a FAST response (cut off) to limit already the biggest overwhelming volume and to keep the infrastructure and the securitytools online to work through the other connections that have to be cleaned

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