easypay.be a payroll company was the next victim of Rex Mundi and there are at least 10 databases that are not protected

 from other tweets we know they have said that they had the logins that weren't well encrypted and we have already published that the certificate of the https protection is not worth one cent

developing story - follow us

 and their page that calculated your loan has been retired

interesting links (with the same bad encryption)

https://payrolling.easypay-group.com/  remot desktop connection


http://easyweb.easypay-group.com/xhtml/router.jsp (login page without encryption)

http://eunomia.easypay-group.com/xhtml/com/easypaygroup/standard/view/authentication/authentication.xhtml (loginpage without encryption)

and the same site has a registrationpage with all kinds of personal data without encryption

http://eunomia.easypay-group.com/xhtml/com/easypaygroup/standard/view/registration/registration.xhtml?lang=nl   login

it gets even better

http://www.easypay-group.com/fr_BE/guichet_d_entreprises/formulaire/  (no encryption :)


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