lesson from Mensura.be hack : Never fill in your Rijksregisternumber online

these should be deleted from all forms and should never be asked

don't trust them when they say it is safe, because you have no idea if it is safe and they probably don't either 

the risk of losing your Unique ID linked to your emailaddress and other information about you is just too great and it ain't worth it

the Privacycommission is even totally against using the Rijksregisternumber online for identification or as data - that is what they said

Belsec has even launched actions together with the Privacycommission to get that number out of some registrationservices 

So if you find forms or identificationprocesses that use the rijksregisternumber complain to the privacycommission, mail to the site owner, refuse to fill it or fill bogus information in

NEVER fill in your own real Rijksregisternumber in online 


as long as there are no standards in Belgium for security, you don't known shit about security of your information in Belgium

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