and there is much more in the hands of Rexmundi (they say)

tonight he will be releasing more information they claim of another online Human Resource Firm (we know the name and will be contacting the different agencies) 

We know that logins at least are totally compromised for this firm

they also claim that they have much more information from Thomas Cook and Mensura but we didn't see it yet - but if we have to count on our experience with this group - they do have information if they say they have (but sometimes it is only much older - but that doesn't make it less damaging) 

sorry, we have now backoffice work to do :)

by the way mail the privacycommission, call your political representatives, the only way to stop this is to get real responsabilities for these firms

if they want to use our data online, they have to secure our data online 

even if there are no hackers online or sending threats or having breached them and published information

For Thomas COOK : it seems that all the contact and administrative information for all of your partners and travel companies has been leaked and some of it may be used (if sold online) to make fake payments or to breach your networks with that kind of administrative and contactinformation 

changing the name of your emaildomain wouldn't be a bad idea for example :) upgrading your defenses with anti-APt and upgrade your antispam and to stop downloads of attachments neither 

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