hack by Rex Mundi what we know now (with the file before us)

first we can confirm that the published data from Mensura has to do with its online form with which their tens of thousands of clients could ask the doctors of Mensura to control if some one is really sick

about a thousand names with email adresse and medical information and their NATIONAAL RIJKSREGISTER were published

the biggest problems is that if this recent data is published a 1000 persons will exist on the internet as if they had tried to defraud their employer with fake sickness leave or they publish medical information that shouldn't be on the internet anyway

imagine that a message like this is published on the internet

employer name and email asks to control you with your emailaddress and your national rijksregister and with a mention that they think you have taken a fake sickday leave or that you have some sickness or accident

and that has been downloaded 300 times at least

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