updated : mensura.be is hosted in Spain

forgot to double check with ipgeo tools who seem to differ, it is not belgium, the hosting company is in Belgium but the hosting is in Spain 

this makes everything much more difficult 

it is an .be domainname but it is hosted in Spain which makes it much more difficult to do forensic research there and I am not sure what will happen now with the legality of it all, which law will be applicable under which circumstance and which law is better for the firm or for the victims

if you want to keep it simple, in future be sure that your data or that of your clients or users is in Belgium if you are a Belgian firm or work primarily with Belgians. This makes it much easier to work with belgian justice and belgian police and lawyers.


IP Address
Host www.mensura.be
Location ES ES, Spain
City Madrid, 29 -
Organization Terremark
ISP NAP de Las Americas-Madrid, S.A.
AS Number AS23148 Terremark
Latitude 40°40'86" North
Longitude 3°69'22" West
Distance 2252.09 km (1399.38 miles)



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