my personal complaint with the privacycommission against

they will have my data somewhere in their database 

so I filed a personal complaint

in my postings you or your lawyer will find enough information that Mensura did not inform us and didn't protect our data as it should and was lying about the data that it lost (there is medical information in some of the files) 

I am not sure that my data is lost but that doesn't matter, they had my data and they don't do enough to secure it

you can as an organisation representing people (syndicat) or as an organisation or firm that is a client with or file a complaint with a simple email to  

you have to mention three things 

* why you do you it and which is your interest or who do you legally represent 

* about which data we are talking that is leaked and what is the effect (some medical privacy, some clearly reputational damage, in all cases loss of your Rijksregisternumber)

* the rules and recommendations of the Recommendation of the Privacycommission of january 2013 that were and ARE not respected about security before the leak, about breach notification and about taking the necessary measures AFTER the leak 

remember if we didn't publish this information, you wouldn't even have known

mensura still demands for the rijksregisternumber and (bad) comments 

easypay still has her UNPROTECTED loginpages online 

don't just be angry, use the system, wake up the system, send an email - this is enough

what has to happen next for the politicians and the administrative controls and the patronal organisations to DO something (and it is in the interest of the business that only those who really invest in security and service are 'certified' and not whatever cowboy with a cheap programmer and a cheap server who tries to undercut your price in exchange for no security and in fact no service)


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