you can buy 32.000 belgian paswords from easypay for 40 euro

this is the price Rex Mundi asks for his list of 32.000 belgian paswords and emailadresses that he stole from

in fact it is in bitcoins

and this is not new but more and more stolen datasets are being sold for small sums in bitcoins

well it would surprise me if he got 50.000 euro like he wanted from the firm and if he wants that kind of money that he needs  a lot of download but that he will only get if he can proof that they still work

now, easypay has changed the passwords - well some people have said that they have received today (about two weeks late) a new password but it is not clear if they have been advised (two weeks late) to change also their passwords for all other services where they have used the same password or something that looks like it

and it is not clear if some security agency in Belgium has bought the list or got the list from easypay to warn all the owners of big networks that they have to block some people - instead of going through a total pasword reset for everybody

and even if that is the case, if you are a client of easypay than you better change your passwords now if they are the same or look like the same

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