maybe nobody bought the Belgian database yet of Rex Mundi (with Bitcoins that is)

you can follow that publicly (and with more private tools :)

those who think that bitcoins are private and anonymous don't understand bitcoins and all the very interesting metadata that goes with them 

also there are sometimes major securityproblems and infoleaks with the exchanges, with the protocol and with the bitcoins themselves 

even the IP address of every transaction (so you need a proxy and/or VPN before you go on a Tor Relay (only one with lots of traffic and everything else closed down-updated and an updated TOR browser) 

if he wants to sell and earn some money he will have to do it differently - but than you may have the same thing happening as many amateur darkweb sellers who are getting caught (you never know who is in front of you)

your fast underground buck may not necessarily bring you luck and may get stuck (hihi)



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